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We provide best-quality Tok products at affordable prices.​

Who we are​

A group of Tik Tok users shaking up the way we make videos. Wear some branded content and go viral with exclusive merch.

How it started​

By popular demand from a viral video of our own. Now we make the merch for you and give it to the world!

Why choose us​

We're not boomers, we're not losers, and we're not lazy. Customer service is a click away with the MerchTok team.

How it works​

Find a product you like, add it to your cart, purchase and start making videos! No product you want? Contact us and we'll make it!

Best Quality Printed Clothing And Tok Accessories

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Phone Cases

Scroll through our store and choose from the most popular and most sought after designs. We update our store every week!


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